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At Mind Wellness we provide therapy services that are best suited to our clients. Speak to your therapist about the therapy options available for you.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique used resolve issues that arise from specific patterns of thoughts, emotions or behaviours. It is also a modality that addresses complex emotional issues by addressing it’s root cause.


The counselling process involves the use of psychotherapy to address chronic problems a client faces in relation to their emotional well-being. It gives a client the space to explore these issues further and to find new and meaningful ways to manage them better.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a space for family members to come together and address their concerns and improve the dynamic within the family unit. It is a systemic process that addresses communication, behaviour patterns and implicit rules of engagement.


Seeking therapy for Mental Health issues has shown to have a positive impact in the following areas



Affected by Mental Disorders at some point in their lives worldwide

2 out of 3

Having a mental disorder will not seek help


Of people suffering from depression can be cured with therapy.

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